FRIDAY 03 OCT 2014



 See Saw Table by Marleen 

Oorstoel (Ear chair) by Jurgen Bey 

Scrap wood Table by Piet Hein Eek











Feast in the Round: Dining Table for Food-Sharing Friends

Jurgen Bey, Droog

The Spontaneous Picnic Dress

SUNDAY 05 OCT 2014




Thai Restaurant 

Problems identified:

1) A group of people in odd number dinning in a rectangular table, will result in a person feeling left out

2) People often use phones while dinning

3) People mostly likely prefer hanging their jackets or coat at the back of the chair

4) Dating couples often want to sit close but feel embarrassing to take the first step

5) Waiter tend to walk around every corner of the table to arrange tablewares and serve food

6) People tend to consume their takeaway food at park and seek for private areas 

7) Hard to stock furnitures



MONDAY 06 OCT 2014

Today I went to King's cross and observe people eating takeaway at the park. Mostly the people where eating alone, no storage area for them to keep their large belonging. They tend to place their belonging on the ground or seat. The weather was cold so they felt uncomfortable while eating their food.


Cloud Couch (Floats In Mid-Air With Magnetic Force) 
by Hong Kong-based designers David Koo and Zheng Yawei

After a long day, there's nothing quite like the sensation of collapsing onto a couch (that is unless you own one of these). A soft horizontal surface seems welcome in seemingly any circumstance, whether you've been on your feet all day or you've just spent the past several hours slouched in a chair with the light of a computer screen burning your retinas. It's no surprise then that Hong Kong-based designers David Koo and Zheng Yawei have likened the couch to a cloud, the ostensibly soft, fluffy, cotton-ball-like mass of floating water vapor that seems so delightfully light and airy that it has also become the term for the immaterial data space in which we store digital information. In keeping with this metaphor, Koo and Zheng have conceived a way to levitate their Cloud couch off the floor with the help of magnets. .

Designed for "ultra comfort and relaxation," Cloud is a concept for a couch that not only mimics a cloud in shape and texture but also conveys the sense of lightness we perceive in most things that hover above the ground. A flat, magnetized base plate planted on the floor repels the cloud-shaped couch, literally suspending it in thin air. Presuming all the kinks are worked out, Cloud could appeal to a wide audience of people who want to feel like reclining demigods and goddesses, as the renderings illustrate. Who knew that magnets could be the future of furniture?

MONDAY 13 OCT 2014

According to the feedback I got from the tutor about my magnet furnitures, she suggested me to do research on ball games. These games inspire me in the arrangement and materials. The arrangement could be the surface of the table and the material could be literally from wood and magnet balls. For creating these type of tables, it could be interactive and playful in which the users would be young people, families and children.